Wailana Coffee House ▪ Waikiki

1860 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii

Cee and I landed in Honolulu after traveling for more than 12 hours. We debated what to do while we waited for E to come home from work. Finally, we landed on hanging out at a coffee place nearby and the shuttle company recommended Wailana Coffee House. Wailana Coffee House is more diner than coffee house, with an old school decor.

Wailana Coffee House Wailana Coffee House - interior
Wailana Coffee House.

Cee ordered a burger that gave her access to the salad bar. I stole some of her kimchi that was so, so tasty. This was the start to the numerous Asian influences we observed. While there were Korean pickles at the salad bar, my choice of banana lumpia ($5.50) was of filipino influence. Bananas wrapped up and deep fried, topped with ice cream and whipped cream. This was the beginning of a very decadent holiday in Hawaii.

Banana Lumpia
Banana lumpia.

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