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Mike's Huli Huli ▪ Honolulu

47-525 Kamehameha Highway
Kaneohe, Hawaii

I had read that while driving to the North Shore, we would encounter shrimp trucks. However, after grabbing a healthy lunch at Whole Foods in Kailua (Whole Foods is a bit of a big deal since we don't have many in Canada), Cee and I didn't need more food. Even though we didn't search for one, we had to pull off the highway when we saw a sign for a shrimp truck.

Mike's Huli Huli
Mike's Huli Huli.

Getting closer to the truck, we noticed that Guy Fieri had visited. Even when we're not looking for Triple D spots, we run into them! We shared a small order of garlic shrimps. The four shrimps were very large and sat in a pool of butter. There was enough garlic to keep the vampires away for a lifetime. Some lemon slices and hot sauce accompanied the shrimps. While the shrimps were sweet and juicy, the butter overwhelmed the shrimps. So much so, that Cee could only have one, and I was left to eat the three others! You definitely have to get dirty for  these shrimps, as they are shell on. Thoughtfully, there was a sink and soap to wash your hands.

Mike's Huli Huli - Garlic Shrimps
Garlic Shrimps.

If you're driving to the North Shore, it's worth a stop for a bite to eat. That's what that drive is all about anyway: stopping to look at sights, turtles, beaches, etc. If you miss it, just keep driving as we did see other shrimp trucks later on.


Lucky's Truck ▪ Around Montréal

This summer has been really good for Montréal and its food trucks at the multiple festivals but we're still hoping that the laws will change soon and allow trucks to hawk their food all the time.  I had a chance to check out Lucky's Truck at the Omnivore Festival.  While the website advertised four food trucks would be present, only Lucky's and Nouveau Palais were there.  Since I wasn't in the mood for a burger I opted for the duck confit poutine and I was not disappointed.


At 9$, the portion was small, but the duck was moist and well seasoned, the fries were perfectly crisp and held up well to the rich gravy and cheese curds.  I'm not sure where the curds are from but they were not my favourite. As a whole dish it was excellent, a must try!