Burger de Ville ▪ Montréal

59 Westminster North
Montréal-Ouest, Québec

Once in a while, either I or Elle will get a burger craving. Not sure whose craving it was that brought us to Burger de Ville, but there we were one summer evening. Elle had already been to their Saint Laurent Boulevard location, but it was my first time at this burger joint.

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Burger de Ville.

I ordered the bacon burger ($5.50) and asked for some harissa mayo on the side for our order of spicy fries. They added the mayo into the burger instead. There is a generous list of free toppings, including caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms. One can make quite a burger with the free toppings offered. 


The fresh burger patty - "Always fresh, never frozen" being the motto - is sandwiched between nicely grilled poppy seed buns.

Bacon burger.

Elle ordered the Saint-Paulin burger ($7.00) for the added cheese. Otherwise there are not too many other burger options as you can build your own but there is a vegetarian option that sounds tasty with grilled vegetables and goat cheese. Since there is no combo, we shared a plate of spicy fries ($3.00) that was plentiful for even more than two people. The spiciness came from the seasoning; the spicy fries were great dipped in the harissa mayo.

Spicy fries.

Burger de Ville offers fresh burgers at a great price point.Why go to fast food joints for burgers when such options exist in Montréal?

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