We are two sisters living in Montréal. We enjoy food, fashion, home décor and much more.  We decided to combine our efforts into this blog. We're dubbing this a "lifestyle blog", i.e. we will write whatever interests us, and hopefully this will also interests you too.

[We each had individual blogs and so have kept our names from those blogs for now.]

* About Miss.Adventure
I previously wrote a short blog on my travels in Vietnam, and followed it with a food blog.
I am the older and wiser sister.
I just moved backed to Montréal after being away for 10 years.
I like to try all kinds of food, but my preference leans towards hole-in-the-walls as special treats, and healthy home cooking as a regular routine.
Interests: Vietnamese food, good deals (sale!), horse prints, easy DIY projects, personal finance, etsy, pinterest, running.

* About Elle
I started a fashion blog to complete the 30 for 30 challenge but I can't wait to incorporate more of my passions into this blog.
I love the beauty in simple things: well made clothes, a balanced dish, a composed photograph, a graphic print, a great song.
I love my home and my hometown.
I love trying new things: eating new food, seeing new sights, meeting new people.
I love sharing all those things with my friends and my family, and I hope to share with you too!