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138 Avenue Atwater
Montréal, Québec

Elle and I had been wanting to try Satay Brothers for a long while. When we finally got around to visiting, we were disappointed to hear their brick and mortar restaurant had closed. The good news? They had reopened their stall at the Atwater Market.The restaurant is seemingly when it's too cold to eat outside.

There has always been a line when we've visited but it moves relatively quickly. You go up and give your order, find yourself a spot at one of the picnic tables, someone calls out your name and brings you your food. Everyone on staff is very friendly.

Satay Brothers
Satay Brothers.

Elle and I decided to split a few dishes. First, we started with the papaya salad with pork ($6.96). The papaya salad was fresh and the slices of red chili helped kick it up a notch. The pork was good and well seasoned. I love the old school plastic Chinese plates that remind me of my grandmother's dishes.

Satay Brothers - Papaya Salad with Pork
Papaya Salad with Pork.

We also shared a serving of the satay of the day (3 skewers for $6.09). How could you not have the satay when you're eating at Satay Brothers? Served with slices of cucumbers and a peanut sauce, the meat again was very well seasoned and nicely grilled. Elle dreamed about the large vat of peanut sauce that must exist behind the counter; we also spotted the sauce being served with the gado gado. The sauce was very addictive.

Satay Brothers - Satay of the day
Satay of the day.

Finally, we shared a laksa lemak ($7.83), a noodle dish served in a curried broth, fish cakes, crunchy tofu, slices of shrimp, bean sprouts and a spoonful of chili to spice it up. This dish is so flavourful and there are so many elements that work well together. This is a dish that made me come back on a rainy day (which we have been having many lately) when I was looking for something warm and comforting!

Satay Brothers - Laksa lemak
Laksa lemak.

If you're at the Atwater Market or by the Lachine Canal, do stop by Satay Brothers to try out their Singapore fare. They also have a pork belly steamed bun and a vegetarian sandwich. It will be worth your while. It's even worth a detour, just for the laksa lemak!

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