Smoke Meat Pete ▪ Montréal

283 1ere Avenue
L'Ile-Perrot, Québec

After a hard workout of kayaking in Huntingdon with Kayak Safari, Elle, E (who started her own sweets blog) and I went searching for food. Elle suggested Smoke Meat Pete which was on the way back to the city. Smoke Meat Pete has had the title of best fries in Montréal and we wanted to check it out. It did give me a chuckle to see the newspaper clipping from years ago.

Smoke Meat Pete
Smoke Meat Pete.

Elle and I shared an order of smoke meat sandwich, fries and coleslaw. Honestly, I don't have any comments to how this smoke meat differentiates itself from other Montréal smoke meat, specifically Schwartz's Deli. I remember the smoked meat being satisfying and that's all I wanted.

Smoke Meat Pete - sandwich
Smoke meat sandwich.

Same thing with the fries. Would I say they're the best in the city? Probably not. Did they hit the right spot? Sure did. There are two main categories of fries (that I can think of right now anyway): the super thin and crispy fries, and the fatter fries that are soft in the middle. These were definitely excellent ones from the latter group. I remember buying the same type of fries for $1, served in a paper bag, by Côte-Vertu métro that were just as satisfying.

Smoke Meat Pete - fries

Would I recommend driving all the way to Ile-Perrot for smoke meat and fries? No. Would I recommend stopping by if you're in the neighbourhood? Definitely.

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