Chez Boris ▪ Montréal

5151 avenue du Parc
Montréal, Québec

Sometimes it's fate that brings you to doughnuts. We were shopping one day this summer (ok, it was in July, so I'm really behind on posts) in trendy Mile End, checking out Espace POP, a pop up store with local vendors. After picking up some LaRaffinerie jewelry, posters for Chez Boris' grand opening enticed up to find free doughnuts.

Chez Boris.

It's your lucky day when there are freshly fried, hot doughnuts, offered for free! To accompany our doughnuts, we each had a refreshing berry iced tea.

IMG_0668 IMG_0669
Iced tea.

The doughnuts Chez Boris are yeast based and has that chewiness not found in cake doughnuts, with a twinge of savoury-ness. Coated with sugar and cinnamon, it made for the perfect bite. I couldn't feel cooler (or less cool?) eating my doughnut outside amongst the young hipsters.


I'm beyond excited that we have fresh doughnuts in Montréal, after having awesome ones in Toronto last year. I haven't had a chance to go back but will remedy that very soon. Chez Boris has become renown for their beignewich. Say what? That's right, a doughnut sandwich. I also have to go back for their pumpkie pie doughnut that's currently offered.

I read on Facebook (because that's where I get all my news!) that they now make their doughnuts from organic flour. See? Doughnuts are good for you. Run to Boris and have one.

Because there can't be too many shots of doughnuts.

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