Yakiniku Hiroshi ▪ Waikiki

339 Royal Hawaiian Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii

After eating a lot of Japanese food, we decided having Korean BBQ would be a nice change of  pace. I tried to do research and found this place. I hate to write this, but this was definitely the most disappointing meal of our trip. When we arrived, the restaurant was full so we were told to come back in a bit. They didn't seem to have much of a system though so I wasn't too impressed.

Yakiniku Hiroshi
Yakiniku Hiroshi.

After waiting patiently, we sat down to a pretty small menu. There was no panjeon (Korean pancake). Strike 1. The prices didn't seem too bad, but were quite exorbitant considering the tiny portions given. Strike 2. When I asked if they brought out lettuce for us to wrap the food in, we were told that we could order a place of lettuce for $7 and it came with 5 pieces of lettuces (and not very big pieces at that). Strike 3!

Hiroshi - pickles Hiroshi - beef
Hiroshi -scallops Hiroshi - shrimps2
Kim chee and protein.

The assorted kim chee were quite good but went pretty quickly and at $12, it was a bit hard to swallow. The garlic scallops and prawns ($9.50 each) were good enough but the portions again were too small. There's really no reason to charge for so much for 5 pieces of lettuces. I still can't get over it!

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  1. Yakiniku Hiroshi is not Korean barbeque; it is Japanese. The only thing Korean about this restaurant is the fact that they serve kim chee. Therefore, I'm not surprised that they didn't serve lettuce with the meal. If you wanted Korean barbeque, you should have gone to a restaurant that had a Korean name, not Japanese.