Rainbow Drive-In ▪ Honolulu

3308 Kanaina Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii

Cee and I are big fans of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, so we did some of our Hawaii food research by watching clips of Oahu restaurants. Our first triple D spot was Rainbow Drive-In, just east of Waikiki.

Rainbow Drive-In
Rainbow Drive-In.

Rainbow Drive-In is known for their loco moco, so Cee and I decided we had to try it out. Loco moco is a Hawaiian dish made up of white rice, a burger patty, a fried egg and all of it doused with a gravy. The episode of Triple D shows all of the many ingredients that go into the special gravy, including Asian influenced ingredients such as dried shrimps.

Rainbow Drive-In - Loco Moco Bowl
Loco moco.

Both Cee and I wanted to try the dish but were glad that there was a small portion offered, a loco moco bowl ($3.95), because we weren't sure we would like it. It was a very saucy bowl; one couldn't even see the rice or patty. I dug up the thin patty in the picture below.

Rainbow Drive-In - Loco Moco Bowl2
Beef patty in loco moco.

It was good enough, maybe a bit too much gravy for my liking. Did it win me over? Not quite. Am I glad I got to try a Hawaiian staple at a reknown drive-in? Definitely!

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