Germaine's Luau

444 Hobron Lane
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii 808.947.1244

Cee and I decided to go to a quintessential Hawaiian activity: a luau. Researching luau's, it turns out they are quite expensive. The cheapest ticket for Germaine's luau I found online was $51, which included transportation to the site (which is a good 45 minutes from Waikiki). The Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki also holds a rooftop luau in Waikiki that costs $99, which was too rich for our blood. We did score our tickets for free by attending a non-timeshare timeshare-ish sale presentation!

Germaine's Luau2
Germaine's Luau Dinner.

The luau at Germaine's, also featured on Drivers, Dine-ins and Dives, includes dinner and entertainment. There was traditional dancing from various areas across the Pacific, and even a very impressive fire/knife act.

Germaine's Luau IMG_1332
Traditional dancing.

Before sitting down for dinner, all the guests congregated to watch the roasted pig get pulled out of the pit.

Germaine's Luau - Pork Pit Germaine's Luau - Pork Pit2
Germaine's Luau - Pulling out the pig Germaine's Luau - Pork
Kalua pig (roasted pig).

There is also an amazing sunset to see, on the water, with a lighthouse in the background.

Germaine's Luau - Sunset

At the table, a sliced up pineapple was waiting for us. Tickets include 2 alcoholic drinks. I tried the Mai Tai which, which I enjoyed, and a Blue Hawaii, which I did not enjoy.

Germaine's Luau - Pineapple Germaine's Luau - My Thai
Pineapple and Mai Tai.

The Hawaiian buffet is a well oiled machine, feeding 500 people pretty effectively. This is a great way to try traditional Hawaiian food. Even though I didn't like some, such as the lomilomi salmon and the poi (mashed taro potato), it was nice to try it out and know what they were about. The roasted pork was very good, as was the teriyaki beef. There were various salads and white rice.

Germaine's Luau - Plate
Hawaiian food plate.

After having attended the luau, I think $51 is a good price for a night out in Hawaii. The food was better than expected for a buffet and a good way to try native food. The entertainment was well put together. It was nice to get out of Waikiki for a night. You can't leave Hawaii without attending a luau! (On a side note: the lady who escorted us on the bus to the site was the nicest, very informative and funny.)

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