Mei Sum Dim Sum ▪ Honolulu

1170-102 Nuuanu Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii

For our last meal in Hawaii, we decided to have dim sum before heading off to the airport. Mei Sum is located in Oahu's Chinatown.

Mei Sum Dim Sum
Mei Sum Dim Sum Restaurant.

It's interesting to go for dim sum with new people. It's nice to stray from my family's reliable standby's. The standby's of har gao, siu mai and taro cakes were all solid though.

Mei Sum - har gao Mei Sum - siu mai
Mei Sum - Taro Mei Sum - dumplings
Har gao, siu mai, taro cake and pan fried dumplings.

Cee did read on one of the reviews that Mei Sum was known for its fried eggplant with crispy garlic dish. The eggplant slices were nice and crispy. The garlic bits were maybe a bit much.

Mei Sum - Eggplant
Fried garlic eggplants.

We also ordered sticky rice in lotus leaves, which my family never orders. We couldn't end a dim sum meal without egg custard tarts. Yum!

Mei Sum - egg custard
Egg custard tarts.

Mei Sum provides pretty good dim sum. The restaurant was not too full when we arrived so we were seated immediately. We did feel rushed at the end to leave, even though the restaurant wasn't full.

Finally, this concludes our awesome food journey in Hawaii! Back to Montréal posts and even some recipes to come!

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