Vancouver Island

I was lucky enough to spend a week on Vancouver Island with my old roommate Trapezista. Here are some of the photo highlights of my trip. The restaurant posts will follow in the next few days, and boy did we eat a lot!

 IMG_0056 (1024x767) IMG_0066 (1024x768)
I loved playing with my new i-phone and instagram on the plane.
Left: the Rockies are so amazing. Right: getting closer to Vancouver Island.

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It's great to spend time with a good friend. Trapezista suggested climbing to the peak of Mount Doug to take in the sunset.

DSC_2991 (1024x668) DSC_2988 (1024x679)
View from Mount Doug.
DSC_3078 (1024x679) DSC_3088 (1024x676)
We went on a whale tour but I was very disappointed that we saw absolutely no whales. We did see other wildlife, such as rams in land, and massive steller sea lions.

DSC_3124 (1024x679) DSC_3110 (1024x677)
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We went camping on Salt Spring Island where we were able to sleep near the water and hang out with more wildlife. We also checked out amazing goat cheese on the island.

DSC_3194 (681x1024)
On our way up the coast to Ucluelet and Tofino, we stopped by Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Park.

DSC_3202 (1024x680) DSC_3205 (1024x681)
We went on a lot of hikes, including the Wild Pacific Trail and various ones in the Pacific Rim National Park.

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