Sain Bol ▪ Montréal

5095 rue Fabre
Montréal, Québec

As mentioned previously, brunch seems like the quintessential weekend activity here in Montréal. The blog Montreal Breakfast Review even focuses on brunch and breakfast only in Montréal! This time, our friend E picked Sain Bol, in the east end of town, to meet up for brunch with Elle, Em and J.

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Upon coming in, we were served complementary chai tea with almond milk. Not only was it a nice way to warm up to the rather still chilly spring air, the almond milk was a great compliment to the chai – I did not miss coffee at all. It was also nice that they refilled our mugs for free. We all thought the little crushed mugs too cute.

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Sain Bol offers a small menu, that offers both savoury and sweet items. I ordered the combo ($14.95) that allowed me to taste nearly the whole menu (except for the grilled cheese) in small portions. While I appreciated that the gravlax was homemade, everyone who ordered the salmon thought it was too strong; it might have helped if the gravlax had been sliced a bit more thinly. I did really like the accompanying olive focaccia. I loved the yogurt parfait; it had pieces of honeycomb that added a nice sweetness against the tart yogurt. Finally, the goat cheese omelette with Portobello mushrooms was topped with fresh sprouts.

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Combo: gravlax with olive focaccia, yogurt and omelette.

The French toast came in a perfectly sized small portion to end the brunch on a sweet note. It was topped with pineapple and plums.

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French toast.

Everyone else got an item from the menu as individual portions: gravlax on focaccia ($12.95) and the French toast ($10.95).

IMG_2949 (1024x718)
Individual size gravlax with a side salad.

If you’re looking for a small local place for brunch, that is vegetarian and vegan friendly, Sain Bol is a great place to check out. Sain Bol is a small place, so call for a reservation if you want a table and note that they only accept cash.

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