La Dépense ▪ Montréal

7070 avenue Henri-Julien
Montréal, QC

Elle has been raving about the accras and bahji at La Dépense in the Jean Talon market. Unfortunately, they only offer the fried treats during the warmer months and so I was only able to try them in May. La Dépense is a specialty spice store in the market. Elle gifted me with six different spice blends one year. The package also came with a little recipe booklet and I made very good corn and shrimp fritters.

IMG_2978 (1024x745)
La Dépense.

A sign on a table outside right outside the store announces that hot bahjis and accras are back. You have to head into the store, and your order is taken at the cash. One portion is $3.

IMG_2976 (751x1024)

After you pay, the cashier gives you a token and you head to the back where all the magic happens.

IMG_2965 (1024x731)
Bahji token.

We decided to order the bahjis, which are made with carrots, leeks and lentil flour.

IMG_2975 (1024x753)

You can then head back outside where there is a variety of sauces to eat your bhajis with.

Bhaji close up. 

They're a perfect treat after doing your shopping at the market. Next time you visit Jean Talon market, make sure to leave some room for some fried treats!

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