Five Guys ▪ Brossard

8840 Boulevard Leduc
Brossard (Dix30)

As a big fan of burger's, hubby and I had heard a lot about Five Guys and have pretty curious since they started opening shop in Québec.  We love In-n-Out and found the menu and decor very reminiscent of the California chain.  We opted out of the fries due to recent over-indulgences and according to Graceful Glutton's review, they were not worth it.


To be noted, their regular burgers have two patties and the small size has a single patty.  The prices are pretty steep and there are no combos; everything is à la carte.  That said, they offer a lot of free toppings.  The all-dressed combination is pretty good.  The burger was very good and you could definitely tell the ingredients were better than the usual fast food joints.

As we were leaving, we heard a family of four grumbling about prices and leaving to go to Mickey D's.  If you buy four burgers, four fries and four drinks, your bill would be close to 40$.  It is worth mentioning that according to my friend E, the regular size fries (smallest) are quite large and sharable and drinks seem to be bottomless.

We were quite happy with our burgers and would go back.  It's not as fast as Mickey D's but it's worth the little wait for a tailor-made burger...  with real meat.

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