Blackfish ▪ Truro, Cape Cod, MA

17 Truro Center Road
Truro, Massachusetts

Hubby has been going to Cape Cod every summer with his family for years.  When we started dating I would join the family on this lovely tradition and we really hope to continue it with our own family some day. Three summers ago, he surprised me with a proposal on the beach at sunset.  I accepted, and we decided to have a small wedding on the Cape with close family and friends the following summer.  Needless to say it is a special place for us.


We were not able to fit in a visit last summer but made time to go this summer.  It was the first time we went by ourselves, packed the car, set up the camp site, etc.  We stayed for 3 days and planned a day and a night in Boston.


To celebrate our engagement, we had tried to go to Black Fish but it had been fully booked.  This time I called and made a reservation in advance and we were well rewarded.  The restaurant is really tucked into the brush and has no other sign other than this ironwork black fish.


The service was very attentive. We were brought delicious warm bread with a garlicky hummus.


We started with the seared scallops with Parmesan fondue. The sweet scallops were seared perfectly and paired well with the savoury Parmesan fondue sauce. The crispy tuiles added the perfect textural foil to the soft scallops and velvety sauce.


As a main, Hubby ordered the house specialty of tuna bolognese over papardelle with lemon confit mascarpone. The mascarpone was served cold and I thought it was a successful cold/hot pairing.  The bolognese was delicious but I'm not sure if it's the nest use of tuna (fresh tuna... slow simmered in sauce).  Hubby ate the lemon confit in his first few bites and thought the flavour was a bit strong and would have belonged better with a dessert.


I ordered the butter poached lobster over gnocchi with morels and fava beans in a lobster beurre monté. The dish came topped with pea greens tips that wilted perfectly in the beurre monté (sauce composed of hot butter).  The lobster was perfectly cooked and plentiful, I was sure to have at least a full lobster.  The gnocchi was soft and pillowy and all the elements came together well.  There was a rather strong garlic presence but I would just say to at least add it in the description so it's expected... and also more gnocchi please!  The portion really was perfect given the decadent nature of the dish.


We chose to share a dessert being pretty full and chose the chocolate tartlet in a pretzel crust with hazelnut custard and candied hazelnut. This dessert hit every checkmark I'd give a perfect dessert.  A dark chocolate ganache. Check.  A salty crunchy component. Check.  Toasted hazelnut. Check.  It was an A+++.


What a perfect celebratory meal.

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  1. That food looks so good, especially the scallops. That is one of the main things I love about Cape Cod, the food! I'm already looking at Cape Cod vacation rentals for next summer, and your post has me even more excited. Thank you for sharing this with us!