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120 rue McGill

I made plans with my friend MC for brunch. She suggested Grange vin+bouffe, and attached this review by Montreal Breakfast Review. I was really psyched by the description of "brunch with a twist", and a small plates selection for brunch. Unfortunately, the menu had changed to a regular menu; that'll teach me to base myself on a review that's nearly two years old!

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The restaurant had a hip cabin décor, with wood planks and the requisite mounted deer head. The attractive waiters were dressed in plaid shirts. I kind of wish I had worn my new deer sweater - I would have fit right in!

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We each ordered the freshly squeezed orange juice ($5). It came in its own little jug (burette on the French menu) to share, but the portion really wasn't big enough to share. The juice was very fresh and tasty, but I think on the pricey side for the portion.

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After answering my inquiry about the small plates menu that did not exist, the waiter suggested that most patrons ordered from the "plats signature" section. MC ordered the Surf 'n Turn ($18) for something different. The description was somewhat accurate - salmon tartar with yogurt, beef tartar with cognac, salad and croutons - but she was rather disappointed, especially compared to my large plate.

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I ordered Le Fermier ($18) which was significantly bigger than my poor companion's dish. It consisted of 2 scrambled eggs, William Swiss sausage, duck rillette, maple syrup smoked meat, potatoes and fresh fruit. As I didn't know what William Swiss sausage was, MC described it as a sausage with cheese. However, there was no cheese in my sausage! Funnily (or not), this flikr photo from nearly two years ago did have cheese. This meat-heavy dish was definitely enough to fill me up, and share some with MC! I enjoyed spreading the rillette on the bread, and really liked the sweetness that the maple syrup added to the smoked meat.

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I thought brunch was decent at Grange vin+bouffe, but rather pricey for what it offered. I'm told that these are in the normal range for the more popular brunch spots. I guess I'll have to get used to big city prices! I was willing to pay a premium for the unique offering of small plates (I even found the old menu here). Unfortunately, these were no longer available, and without small plates, brunch at Grange vin+bouffe no longer seemed unique.

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  1. Those prices are quite steep! When you return to L.A., we will brunch at Farmshop. You will love it.

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