Montréal Love

Since I just moved back to Montréal, it seems fitting to show my hometown some love. When Montrealers (or Montréalais) leave the city, they're (re)known for incessantly talking about their home city. I took it a step farther, searching for art that would remind me of Montréal on a daily basis. What better way than showcasing your love of Montréal on your wall?

There's no better source than Etsy for finding affordable and unique art. I got myself this map which outlines the island with thin vertical black ink lines.

Montreal Map
via Etsy / Studiokmo

I also really like this map, which you can customer order in the colour that better suits your décor.
▪ via Etsy / jennasuemaps

I gifted my sister and her hubby this print of Montréal neighbourhoods by Lake Jane last year. Too bad it's not available anymore.

Montreal Neighbourhoods

via pinterest
This decal outlining the island by its neighbourhoods is pretty adorable.

Montreal Decal

via Etsy / Citystic

I love the vibrant colours on the next two Montréal prints.

Montreal Skyline

via Etsy / birdAve

Montreal Coordinates

For something other than prints, I really like these Montréal landmarks captured by Jane Heller. I could see a set of four being perfect for displaying Montréal's retro side.

Montreal Photography2Montreal Photography

via Etsy / Jane Heller

Finally, this watercolor captures winter in Montréal so perfectly!

Montreal Watercolor

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