Fly in style

Hubby and I have been planning our spring break trip to the Grand Canyon for some time, and honestly all I can think about is finding the perfect Navajo print scarf to bring with me.  I know, I have issues.  Anyway, to soothe myself I have made… you guessed it, a style board!  The solution to all the world’s problems.

We're flying out today so first: airport style.  It’s very important to be comfortable which does not have to exclude style.  I like to plan to wear my bulkiest shoes on the plane (saves some packing room, especially if you are carrying on) and obviously pieces I can mix and match throughout the vacation even if the weather will be different on arrival.  Layering really helps with this.

Airport Style Board

Also some essentials: good socks, lip care and a rich moisturizer.  Sunnies upon arrival are always welcome.

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